Your Challenge Awaits!
July 7, 2024

Standard Distance – 2025 World Championship Qualifier

The Peach Classic Triathlon has a place for everyone!

Accept the challenge with the choice of three distances. 

Swim Bike Run

Try A Tri

350m Swim | 10km Bike | 2.5km Run

View the Race Course

Swim Bike Run


750m Swim | 20km Bike | 5km Run

View the Race Course

Swim Bike Run


1.5km Swim | 40km Bike | 10km Run

View the Race Course

Looking to get involved without racing? No problem! Join us as a VOLUNTEER and experience the thrill of being on the frontlines at the Peach Classic Triathlon!

Push Your Limits & Embrace the Triumph

One of the great things about the Peach Classic Triathlon is that anyone, regardless of age or athletic ability, can participate. Whether you’re a professional aiming for a prize, a novice trying something new, or a dedicated triathlon enthusiast looking to beat a personal record, crossing the finish line will leave you feeling incredibly accomplished and filled with joy.

The course itself is truly breathtaking, renowned worldwide for its sandy beaches, crystal-clear temperate waters (often warm enough to skip wearing wetsuits!), picturesque flats, enchanting rolling hills, and a captivating out-and-back run along Lakeshore drive that leads to the famous KVR trail. As you make your way, you’ll be treated to stunning views of the valley with Lake Okanagan on one side and magnificent wineries and orchards on the other.

Experience the invigorating effects of fresh air, breathtaking scenery, positive vibes, and an exhilarating event, all while being surrounded by your loved ones, friends, and our incredible volunteers, without whom the event would not be possible. Give yourself something exciting to anticipate and sign up today!

Fun Facts

Penticton Triathlon Club

New Race Owners!

When members of the Penticton Triathlon Club learned their town’s oldest triathlon was at risk of extinction, they rolled up their sleeves to save their beloved local race. Read More

First Official Race Was in 1983

The Peach City Triathlon held its first race with 24 triathletes along the shores of Lake Okanagan 41 years ago. Three years later, in 1986, the event became known as IRONMAN Canada, the first North American IRONMAN race to take place outside of Hawaii.
Read More

10,000+ Participants Over the Years

Join a vibrant community of over 10,000 participants who have embarked on this extraordinary journey over the years. This is your moment to seize, so don’t hesitate – secure your spot today and let the anticipation ignite your spirit.

We are very grateful for our SPONSORS who help make this event possible!

Swagman - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
City of Penticton - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
See Ya Later Ranch - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
Hoodoo Adventures - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
Peach Classic Triathlon Sponsor - Triathlon BC
Tifosi - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
Jakaroo - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
Cannery Brewing - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
Bike Barn - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
Peach Classic Triathlon Sponsor - Skratch Labs
Peach City Runners - Sponsor for Peach Classic Triathlon
Jack Kelly Coffee - Bronze Sponsor
Peach Classic Triathlon 2024 - Sponsors
Our local sponsors are a driving force behind the success of the Peach Classic year after year. They go above and beyond to provide the nutrition, hydration, and support you need before, during, and after the race. From their prominent signage along the course to their generous contributions that help cover costs, our sponsors ensure that you are in good hands while you compete. Take a moment to discover who these amazing sponsors are, and if you’re interested in supporting the race and becoming a sponsor yourself, we would be thrilled to have you on board! Visit our sponsor page for more information

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find detailed information about the race?

You will find the current Athlete Guide by clicking on the button on the Home Page for the Website. It contains more detailed information on most subjects and should be checked before contacting the office. We will defer most questions back to the Athlete Guide, so please take the time to download and read.

Can I transfer my registration to another person or take a friend’s registration that isn’t able to race?
Event entry fees are not transferable to another person. Any purchase or transfer of registration other than through Peach Classic Triathlon management compromises the sanctioning and insurance of the event through TriBC.
Can I register on race day?
NO, you must register online in accordance with the deadlines and prices as displayed on the registration site.
When will we know about the use of wetsuits?
Race morning! According to TriBC rules, the use of wetsuits during the swim will be allowed if the water temperature on race morning is within the current standard set by the ITU Competition Rules. The water temperature will be measured on race day morning, and an official decision will be announced within 1 hour of the race start.
Where are the awards and rejuvenation held?
Post-race rejuvenation and the awards ceremonies will be available at Rotary Park by the transition area. Athletes must present the tear-away food and drink stubs from their race bibs. Volunteers need to wear their event shirt.
How are age categories determined?
Your age as of December 31st of the year of the race determines your age category.
What is the $15.50 race day fee?
It is the fee to cover you to race the course under TriBC’s insurance for the day and Triathlon Canada’s mandatory $0.50 membership fee. If you are a TriBC or Tri Alberta or Triathlon Saskatchewan member, please give your current membership number when you register. If you are not a member of one of the above organizations, you will be charged the additional fee. We will have a list of all members as of the day before the race to ensure we have everyone’s membership numbers to match the ID card shown.
Why is it an absolute rule that I must show picture ID to pick up my package?

When you sign the registration form, we are entering into a contract with each other stating that we are going to put on a race, and you are the person who is racing that day. TriBC as our insurer covers only the athletes on our list of registered athletes. If we were to not check picture ID and have someone pick up a package and race under someone else’s name and get injured, our insurance company would not cover the race or athlete, due to them not being the insured racer.

Can I pick up my athlete race package on race day?
A: YES! (see Schedule of Events). It is advisable however, to pick up your race package during the designated times on Saturday in the event of any errors or omissions and lack of time on race morning. Also, any last-minute changes will be issued at the race package pick-up, and you may miss important instructions for your race. You must fulfil the same requirements for package pick-up on race day as you would at the regularly scheduled pick-up including picture ID.

We do not accept any responsibility for your lack of attendance and any resulting problems, errors, or omissions.

When can I retrieve my bike and race gear from transition?
You will not be able to remove bikes from the transition area until all bikes from both events (standard & sprint) are off the racecourse. This is a safety issue as well as a control issue and will be monitored by TriBC Officials on site. Once we get the clearance from the Officials you will be able to remove your bike and gear.

Security will be in transition until 12:30 p.m. on race day. Remember to keep your athlete wrist band on until you have retrieved your equipment. You will need your wristband to remove all your gear from transition including your bike. This is our way of identifying you and ensuring no one else is leaving with your bike.

Where can I get my medal if I miss the awards ceremony?
Before you leave, check the results! Many people are surprised at how well they did and are entitled to an age group placing medal. Medals can be picked up at Peach City Runners in Penticton the first Tuesday after the race if you miss the race-day ceremony. We will not mail out medals unless you prepay postage. If you know you are going to miss the awards ceremony and are entitled to a medal, arrange for a friend to pick it up for you or check with the Race Director or Awards Captain to see if you can get the medal before departing.
Will there be finisher medals?
Yes! There will be finisher medals for all events. Also, awards will be given 3 deep for male and female categories in each age group. Non-Binary awards will be given for each race, 3 deep in the following categories: “Open” up to 39; “Masters” 40-59; “Seniors” 60 plus.
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