Pricing & Refund Policy

The Peach Classic Triathlon consists of Sprint and Standard Distance Triathlon Events and an Aqua/Bike Event (using Sprint Distances) and is open to all Age Group Solo participants. There is not a Professional component nor a qualifying requirement. Entry fees will be charged as follows:

EventDec 1 - Feb 28Mar 1 - May 30Jun 1 - Close
Sprint Event $100$110$140
Standard Event $140$150$180
Aqua/Bike Event$85$95$125


The entry fees listed above include the following:

  • Online Processing Fees
  • GST (Goods and Service Tax)

For registrations of minors below 19 years of age, parental consent will be required at race pack pick-up. Waivers must be signed at race pack pick-up in order for the racer to get their race number assigned.

If you are a Tri BC or Tri Alberta or Triathlon Saskatchewan member, please give your current membership number. If you are not a member of one of the above organizations you will be charged an additional $15 for Tri BC Day of Race Insurance.


  • No Refunds of any kind or for any reason including Medical, Family Emergencies, Military Duty.

Rollover Policy

  • Request to drop out of the current year event and Rollover to the following year must be received in writing by June 15th of the current event year.
  • Rollover Fees of $100 for the Standard Distance and $75 for the Sprint Distance and $60 for the Aqua/Bike will be charged when registering for the following year’s Event. All other pricing policy in effect for the event being rolled into will apply.
  • Rollovers must be used for the following years event and cannot be carried forward or rolled forward to another year.
  • The Athlete is responsible for contacting the organizers for their “Rollover Code” prior to registering for the following years’ event.  You must claim your rollover and register prior to June 15th of the following year. You will not automatically be registered.
  • Any rollovers not claimed and used by June 15th the following year will be void and cancelled.