Policies & Terms

It is our policy to try and put on the best race possible, to give our athletes the best race experience we can.

Event Cancellation

The Peach Classic event may be delayed or cancelled due to adverse, inclement, or unsafe weather. Should the event be delayed, the starting time of the event will be moved back accordingly. The delay will be communicated to all participants. The Peach Classic Triathlon Management Team, Sanctioning Body Technical Director and Local Law Enforcement have the authority to cancel an event. If cancellation of an event takes place, please follow instructions of all the event officials and local law enforcement personnel. Your entry fee is not refundable if an event is cancelled due to adverse, inclement, or unsafe weather. The Race Director also reserves the right to modify the course at any time before or during an event by his/her own judgment or if instructed by local law enforcement personnel, technical director or other civic organization with the authority to issue or rescind permits.

Transferability of Entry

Event entry fees are not transferable to another person or another event. Any purchase or transfer of registration other than through The Peach Classic Triathlon management compromises the sanctioning and insurance of the event through our provincial sanctioning body, TriBC.


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Peach Classic Triathlon and O777343 BC Ltd. are insured and sanctioned by the appropriate provincial governing body for triathlon, namely, TriBC.